Mold Damage Remediation in Virginia Beach, Virginia




Mold spores are present nearly always, room by room. Microscopic in nature, mold can find its way onto your property in many ways. Through open windows or tracked in on your clothes, mold spores are everywhere. On average, a room contains anywhere from 200-700 mold spores. While typically harmless, under the right conditions your property could be at risk. From air quality degradation to mold colony outbreaks, a 24-72 window makes a difference. Mold colonies infest organic materials, growing as they deteriorate their environment. Mold colonies can move from one location to multiple areas if left unchecked.

These colonies grow fast, and spread quickly. A quick reaction is recommended. United Water Restoration Group of Virginia Beach can assist you through minor or major mold outbreaks. Our technicians are trained and certified in handling mold remediation in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The process begins with our technicians providing you with a free, in-depth assessment of your property. We’re not only seeking to remove, clean, and sanitize; we want to find the root of the mold, and correct it.

Quarantine of affected areas is a staple of the mold remediation process in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mold colonies grow and thrive in the presence of abundant moisture. Our mold remediation process in Virginia Beach, Virginia involves drying out affected areas and quarantining them. After the affected areas are dried and quarantined, we hit the problem head-on. We’ll remove mold infestations, then clean and sanitize affected areas.

During the final stages of our mold remediation process in Virginia Beach, Virginia, our technicians will target unpleasant scents to remove lingering odors. We also provide antimicrobial treatments to help ensure no future outbreaks occur at your property! Are you seeking mold remediation in Virginia Beach, Virginia? Let our expert technicians help!

If you are in need of mold remediation in Virginia Beach, contact our service line at (757) 852-0082. We can assist with mold remediation in Virginia Beach and return your property back to a state of normalcy. Contact our service line now for mold remediation in Virginia Beach!


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"Zach was great to work with. He made the process as painless as it could have been!"
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"JD provided some of the best customer service I have ever received. He was patient, attentive, and overall honest. I know that if we ever need restoration services again they will be the first people we call, and JD will be the person we request! Thank you!"
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